Interested in being a part of Xtreme Motion Dance Team?

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Current Team members must attend audition to be considered for the 2018-2019 Season

PPAC offers two (2) levels of Team. Level I and Level II with separate requirements for both. If you can NOT attend the audition please contact us to schedule an audition privately.

Dance Team is a commitment requiring extra hours of classes, rehearsals. Dance Team incurs additional fees for costumes and events.

Here's what one parent has to say:  This “investment” in dance is building a child who is confident, strong, physically fit, and has a work ethic that would seem impossible for a seven year old to have. Dance is helping to mold her into a child who sticks up for her friends, speaks confidently to grown-ups, and is strong enough to not always follow the crowd if she knows something is wrong.
These are things that are invaluable. These are things that will help her to become the type of person I pray she will be. These are things whose benefits are far more important than their costs.